Austin360 On The Record: Black Pistol Fire, Sally Allen

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Black Pistol Fire, “Don’t Wake the Riot” (Modern Outsider). The Toronto-born, Austin-based duo skips elements many consider essential for a rock band — bass and rhythm guitars and, occasionally, clothing. But the barrage of furious guitar licks and tortured vocals over hard-driving drums is all they need to churn out some of the best garage rock in a city that prides itself on rocking garages. The band has been steadily gaining steam for the last several years, and “Don’t Wake the Riot” is jam-packed with raging bar burners. The riot’s about to get woke. Release show Friday, May 20, at Emo’s. — D.S.S.

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SallyAllenAlbumCoverSally Allen, “Eight Track Sessions.” The big news of late for local singer Allen is that she’s now a full-fledged backup singer with Kevin Russell’s Amerisoulifunkicana juggernaut Shinyribs, a band that’s now nine members strong. But she’s also quietly released this low-key nine-song disc, currently available at Waterloo Records. Co-produced with local bass ace George Reiff, and featuring mostly original material (plus a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog”), it’s an intriguing record that’s hard to pin down, weaving touches of electronica into singer-songwriter material with piano accents from Stephen Barber and her husband Bukka Allen. As its very informal title suggests, this feels like more of a sketchpad toward where Allen might head, as opposed to heralding her arrival as a fully formed musical artist. But there’s plenty of reason to pay attention. — P.B.

Here’s the track “Forever Trip”:


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