Watch: Artist of the Month Megafauna’s new video for “Desire”

Earlier this week, Noisey premiered “Desire” the new video from our June Artist of the Month, Megafauna.

The song is the lead track on the group’s new album “Welcome Home,” and unlike most of her songs that come to her through hard labor, frontwoman Dani Neff says she channeled this one.

“‘Desire’ was one of those weird things where it just kind of happened,” she said when we met last month. “It just came out of me almost exactly as is.”

Neff told Noisey that the video, directed by Robert Weiss, is a metaphor for “various levels of entrapment that we create in our minds and the desire to break through those barriers.” It revolves around a bizarre relationship with an ambiguous but volatile undertone between Neff and bandmate Zach Humphrey.

We’re just in it for the part where Neff bursts out of the tunnel covered in mud and makes the very “Mad Max-ian” move of picking up her guitar and starting to shred.

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