Premiere: Riders Against the Storm ‘Bulletproof’ (inspired by Luke Cage)

We’re still a ways out from the next full-length from Riders Against the Storm, but Jonathan Mahone a.k.a. Chaka Mandla Mhambi Mpeanaji, promises new music is on the way from the ATX hip-hop powerhouse. For now the husband/wife duo is focused on putting out a series of new singles starting with this hard driving fighter’s anthem, “Bulletproof,” inspired by the excellent Netflix series “Luke Cage.”

The story behind the song, as told by Mahone:

Basically, we binge watched “Luke Cage” in a 48 hour period, and I came up with the idea to do a song dedicated to the themes that were jumping out from the show. A few days later we went to Reggie Coby’s house, and the lyrics to the hook came as soon as he laid the drum foundation. Then, we sent it to Zander (Holiday Mountain) to give it a little more shine. He basically took the initial demo track, and remixed it with new sounds.

We had also just watched “Birth Of a Nation” around the same time, and just felt the time was now to share something. Between Donald Glover’s show “Atlanta,” “Luke Cage,” Issa Rae’s show, Ava Duvernay’s work, the upcoming Black Panther movie, we are inspired by the direction of the art we see and hear. The song is a little rebellious and strong. It’s time for strength and love to rise.

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We just really hope people around the world that like Luke Cage get a chance to hear it, and get inspired. We are not powerless. We may not be bulletproof, but we our collective power is infinite. Be bulletproof in your determination to move forward, and make a difference.


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