Thor Harris puts in bid for governor, because ‘(expletive) this’

2011 Julia Robinson/ FOR AMERICAN-STATESMAN; Thor Harris plays a handmade dulcimer during the second set of the Island Arc.

Around 5 p.m. Thursday, local musician Thor Harris, who plays with the influential experimental rock band Swans and his own ambient project Thor and Friends posted a video declaring his gubernatorial ambitions to Twitter. In the video, which currently has been retweeted 1011 times and liked over 2000 times, Harris stands in front of a rainbow colored flag.

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“Howdy,” he says. “My name’s Thor Harris, and I’m running for governor of Texas, ’cause (expletive) this.” We haven’t touched base with Thor yet, but when Pitchfork reached out to see if he was serious, his response was a curt “Why the (expletive) not.”

On Friday morning, he began to spell out his platform. (Also on Twitter, of course.)

Earlier this year, Thor was suspended from Twitter after he posted a demo video titled “How to punch a Nazi.”

“This thing that’s in the White House is a hostile authoritarian regime,” he told us in February, when we asked about the experience of beefing with Nazis online. “It’s a weird very scary time. I hit a nerve with those people. And actually a couple of them, I had reasonable conversations with. This woman, once we started talking, the hate kind of chilled out.”

The next local gig for Thor and Friends is on Sept. 26, when they open for Deerhoof at Antone’s.

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