SXSW 2018: Meet Duckwrth, your new favorite feel-good funky rapper

With a suave, sexy vibe, smooth moves and funk for days, Cali Rapper Duckwrth charmed the pants off an audience of industry cynics at the VEVO house on the first full day of South by Southwest music festival.

Duckwrth performs during the South by Southwest festival March 13, 2018. (Photo by Erika Rich/For the American-Statesman)

Kicking his set off with “Xtra” off his “Xtra Ugly Mixtape,” he frontloaded his set with trunk bumping West Coast funk. By the time he hit track two, “Throwyoassout,” the whole audience had bought into his “bounce and groove” theory and was moving and grooving with him.

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He segued into a few summery jams, wisely doing a quick cut of the poignant story rap “Bummer/2Bucks” to keep the set focused on party vibes. Everyone shouted the hook when he spit his hardest bars on “Tamagotchi” and we swiveled our hips and sprinkled our fingers on the Michael Jackson tribute “Michuul”.

At the end of the set he asked everyone in the crowd to hug a stranger and high on love and feel-good funk, we all blissfully complied.

Like Anderson Paak before him, Duckwrth comes into the fest a relative unknown, but with his irresistible charm and a nonstop schedule, he’ll leave as one of its biggest breakouts.

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